British men’s wear designer, Renée Bedell.

Trained in men’s wear, at what is quickly becoming one of the UK’s most exciting exports of men’s wear design, Kingston University, Bedell specialises in beautifully tailored garments with original and organic textiles. The delicate refinery of her work is encapsulated through her fragile yet thoughtful persona that is both considered and unsuspecting. It is what Bedell does to the material that creates the story and the SS16 collection.

Unusual luxury materials were sourced from both Japan and Ireland including a collaboration with British mill, Stephen Walters to develop her very own cloth inspired by the blotches and imperfections that were found in the vintage Chinese cloths.

The collection prides itself on the highest quality luxury materials including, Irish linen, Japanese Silk blend jerseys, indigo cottons, denim sourced from Japan as well as delicate super lightweight Egyptian and Italian cottons. Experimental textures have been lasercut on denim and suede, again, inspired by the patterns found in vintage Chinese textiles that document the migration journeys of their ancestors whom they worship. This is also visible through her use of laser cutting of the fabrics that create a visual path that references the cultural element and journey within both the textiles and the materials.

Shapes remain classic yet visionary with Classic tailored shirts, shorts, trousers, blazers and t shirts laying the foundation and oversized wide leg trousers and bomber jackets representing the new. “It is important for my whole collection to tie in with each other as a whole. I make sure every single garment is special and works well on its own. Rarely will a customer buy an entire collection, so I make sure each piece in my collection is a high quality polished product that someone will treasure and love”.