Renée Bedell



After graduating from one of the world’s leading schools in fashion, Kingston University, Renée Bedell founded her own self-titled menswear label in 2014. It became stocked in LN-CC, London and Beams, Japan. Now cited by industry magazine, WeAr’s, ‘menswear labels to watch’.

Bedell draws inspiration from Chinese tribal textiles. Experimental textures using abstract patterns and motifs draws the eye in closer.

Using both striking and subtle prints as well as what is now considered their signature technique: laser cutting. Laser cutting allows her artwork to be precisely placed on any part of the garment. The artworks are intricate, detailed and predominately are used on soft suede. It works by using a fine laser that burns through the material whilst sealing the edges at the same time. This creates a beautiful crisp line exposing the lining underneath. 

The collection features classic wearable shapes alongside boxy and wide leg trousers for a distinctive silhouette. Tailored pieces sit alongside casual oversized shirts.